Following Your Purpose and Using Your Voice with Jenifer Payne

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In Let Her Speak’s sixteenth episode of the She Speaks Series, Catherine Porth (Founder of Let Her Speak) sits down with Entrepreneur, Mom, Writer, and All-Around Badass, Jenifer Payne, to talk about the ups and downs of running a business, being a mom during the pandemic, and normalizing our non-traditional family structures.

Jen shares so many words of insight and wisdom during our discussion – but one of the greatest takeaways was her answer to the question “What legacy do you want to leave behind?.” Her answer was “kindness and gratitude.”

There are a lot of ways to live a good life – living without kindness and gratitude in our hearts is not one of them. It’s kindness that allows us to connect with others and see each other as humans with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s gratitude that allows us to see and experience the goodness and expanse of what life has to offer.

Thank you, Jen, for your honesty, openness, and wisdom!

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