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Let Her Speak operates under three pillars: community, education, and research. Our workshops are our way of bringing those three pillars together to provide women a safe place to connect and learn that is rooted in sound research and data. Every workshop we develop was first and foremost inspired and informed by our community.

We host our workshops through different Let Her Speak sponsored events, but we are also happy to bring them to you. If your company or organization would like to host a Let Her Speak workshop for personal and professional development of your team or members, please scroll below to see our current offerings.

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Imposter Syndrome: Breaking Our Own Barriers

Did you know that as much as 70% of all people have reported experiencing imposter syndrome at least once in their lives? While we might all have different reasons for feeling like an imposter from time to time, what’s important is being able to identify the triggers behind your own imposter thoughts in order to find the best way to overcome them.

This judgment-free (1 – 2 hour) workshop gives every woman an opportunity to listen, learn, and discuss the imposter archetypes they most identify with. Attendees will learn what imposter thoughts hold them back, where those barriers stem from, and how to tear them down.


In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn the traits and tendencies of the 5 imposter syndrome archetypes.

  • Understand the history and recent research around why this phenomenon happens and how it manifests in different ways.

  • Identify the archetypes they most relate to and address how imposter thoughts are building barriers for themselves.

  • Work through a mind map activity to become aware of their own imposter thoughts, change those thoughts into positive truths, and set actionable steps to overcome these barriers.

“I felt this workshop was one of the best and most impactful webinars I have attended during Covid, and heard the same thing from others that attended.”

April Romero, Project Management Office Manager, State of Tennessee

Declare Your Legacy

How do we build a life focused on significance rather than success? One way is to build goals around the legacy we each want to leave behind. Goals that go far beyond our careers and work to focus more on the impact we want to have on the world.

This (1 – 2 hour) workshop is meant to motivate and inspire attendees to reflect on what they believe, what they value, what brings them joy, and how they want to leave the world. Through intentionally guided discussions – each participant will leave the workshop with their own written personal manifesto to use as a life-long guide towards accomplishing their goals.


In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Join in judgment-free discussions around legacy, goals, and intentional actions.

  • Go through a self-reflection activity diving into beliefs, values, passions, and goals.

  • Participate in a small group activity where each attendee selects words she hopes people will use to describe her personally or professionally.

  • Create a personal or professional manifesto to be used as a personal commitment by each attendee along with an action plan

“The workshop Catherine led on writing your legacy through a manifesto was really one of the defining moments of everything I had absorbed during our event. It felt so freeing to put my values and thoughts on paper to share my manifesto with the world.”

Rachel Woods, Owner, Smoke Signal Media

Seeing the Superhero in You

For many of us, it’s easy to help our friends and family see the value and superpowers within themselves – but we struggle sometimes to see our own skills and abilities. The fact is, our strength and resilience are tested on a daily basis. We are ALL superheroes!

This (1 – 2 hour) workshop will give attendees the opportunity to listen, learn, and interact with other women in a roundtable discussion about why certain leadership qualities are underappreciated, how our unique skills are superpowers, and why it’s important to know our value!


In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn how the pandemic brought to light the need for both masculine and feminine leadership traits in organizations, governments, and homes.

  • Understand the differences between masculine and feminine traits, how each attendee matches to those traits, and why we need a balance of both.

  • Identify the superpowers each attendee possesses and create their own superhero character based on those strengths.

  • (2-hour workshop) Collaborate in small groups to create a superhero inspired by women in the group and their heroes.

“This workshop helped me realize that just because other people may see you as a superhero, doesn’t mean you are in touch with your superpowers. I connected with other women and explored what makes me unique, and how I can use my strengths to achieve my goals.”

Booth Andrews, Owner, The Booth Andrews Company