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When you meet with as many women as I do on a daily basis, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up having a lot of the same conversations. There are so many shared experiences among women that when we get an opportunity to share, we quickly learn that we are definitely not the only ones.


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Rest can look like a lot of different things. For this Women’s History Month project, we partnered with Ashley Gurley Photography and asked women in Knoxville to tell us why rest is important in their lives, what they do for rest, and how rest impacts their sense of self. We selected 12 women to feature and share how they rest and feel found.

Jaleria always enjoyed dancing and movement growing up and into adulthood, but didn’t have time to explore her passion for it until the pandemic hit. It was early in lockdown that her long “watch list” of dance videos finally became a part of her restful routine.


The She Speaks Series was a project we produced during the pandemic (2020 – 2021) as a way for women’s voices and stories of resilience to remain visible and inspire others to forge their own paths. Watch video interviews with some truly incredible women!


Explore this virtual collection of submissions from women creatives who contributed their voice, story, and work in celebration of the tenacity of the female spirit and in honor of Women’s History Month 2021.

The Dorothy Verbick Exhibit

I am a middle school art teacher and a meditation/mindfulness practitioner. Before college, I had only taken an art class in elementary school. I doodled the comics (mostly Garfield), did NOT draw all the time, and did not have an encouraging family to support my art curiosity. Somehow, I still went for it.... art school made sure to let me know how far behind in knowledge I was...especially during critique.

The Shannon Deana Johnson Exhibit

I am a Knoxville, TN based mixed media painter. My process is intuitive. I work to create a balance between harmony and contrast, simplicity and accumulation, and stillness and motion. As the painting progresses, I often add more concrete elements such as botanical or figurative shapes. In this latest series called, “Story of a Girl,” I have been exploring the use of imagery connected to the idea of femininity and aspects of it that are meaningful to me.

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