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The Let Her Lead program provides women with the necessary tools, resources, and social capital to become the leaders our modern world needs. This one-of-a-kind program offers tracks for both aspiring leaders and established leaders to learn together, grow their networks, and challenge each other.

Working with experts in the areas of confidence, communication, finance, empathetic leadership, and bias – we are empowering women to embrace their unique strengths, abilities, and ideas for change.

Applications for the 2024 cohort are now open!
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About The Program

  • A dual-cohort program that brings together aspiring women leaders and established leaders in a 5-month development program led by subject-matter experts and supported by professional mentors & coaches.
  • Aspiring leaders will work on establishing a foundation of confidence, communication skills, and financial literacy – the bedrock of what an effective leader needs – while giving them opportunities to grow their social capital and pursue personal development.
  • Established leaders in the program will grow their skillsets in empathetic leadership, active listening, and unconscious bias – all skills needed for modern-day leaders – while giving them opportunities to apply their learnings in a safe space.
  • Throughout the program, cohort members will be brought together every 4th session for group activities to put their learnings into practice and build their connections with other women leaders.

Find more details in the Let Her Lead information packet (HINT – this is also a good document to share with your employer if they offer professional development training reimbursement):

Other Elements of the Program

  • All participants will receive professional photos of themselves done by photographers connected to the Let Her Speak community.
  • Each participant will be matched with a mentor (aspiring leader) or professional coach (established leader) who carries significant experience in leadership development. The goal is to not only have an “outside-the-program” perspective for participants but also a safe space for discussion and a connection to women outside their immediate community.
  • At the end of the program, people in the community will be invited to the Her Legacy event where cohort participants will take the stage to share their legacy stories and vision for how they can create a positive impact using their unique skills & position.
  • Aspiring leaders in the program will also receive a $1,000 – $2,000 stipend to pursue their leadership goals.

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Applications due July 28th 11:59pm ET

Which Cohort is for You?


  • Deep-dive sessions on Confidence, Communication, and Financial Literacy led by subject matter experts
  • Activities and Outings with Existing Leader cohort to put classroom work into real-world practice
  • Access to Professional Mentors & Certified Coaches
  • Speaking opportunity at Let Her Speak Community Event
  • Qualifications: minimal experience leading teams, projects, or organizations; new to a leadership position or preparing to take on a leadership position


  • Deep-dive sessions on Empathetic Leadership, Active Listening Skills, and Unconscious Bias
  • Activities and Outings with Aspiring Leader cohort to put classroom work into real-world practice
  • Access to Peer Mentors & Certified Coaches
  • Speaking opportunity at Let Her Speak Community Event
  • Qualifications: several years of experience leading teams, projects, organizations, or initiatives; 8+ years into career with aspirations to make a lasting impact on the community

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be accepting 12 women total into the program – 6 for each cohort.

Most sessions will be hosted in person with up to 3 being hosted virtually. The regular classes will be at the same site and activities will be at different locations.

Yes. The aspiring leader cohort will be $375 and the established leader cohort will be $525. A portion of the established leader tuition will cover the cost for those in the aspiring leader cohort to promote women supporting women.

Our team will begin collecting applications in July 2024 to determine the 12 women that will be accepted. We may reach out for more information as needed. Deadline for the application is July 28th 11:59pm ET.

All sessions are Wednesdays 6pm – 8:30pm

September 11th & 25th
October 9th & 23rd
November 6th & 20th
December 4th & 18th
January 8th & 22nd
February 5th & 19th

A Guide to the Let Her Lead Application

Wondering what we’re asking on the application? Here is your guide to every question so you have all the info before starting.

1. How do you anticipate investing the grant awarded at the end of the Aspiring Leader program? (Aspiring Leader Applicants Only)
The Aspiring Leader cohort includes a grant ($1,000 – $2,000). We are asking applicants to provide their ideas of how that money will be invested back into themselves to help them achieve their leadership goals.

2. Three options to share your experience, accomplishments, and expertise: upload your resume, share your portfolio/personal website, or capture of video
We want you to be able to share information about yourself in your preferred medium.

3. What barriers and challenges are you facing that you believe this program will address?
Let us know where you are and what you’re facing in your career and life journey. Help us understand how this program will support you to overcome your current challenges.

4. How do you see this program propelling you forward as a leader?
Be as specific as you can about how this program will benefit you in your leadership journey and goals.

5. Who are you beyond your title, achievements, and resume?
This is your opportunity to share something about yourself that makes you uniquely you!

You’re ready!

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Meet the Facilitators

Gina Lisenby | Revelation Road

Gina Lisenby is the founder of Revelation Road, a coaching and experiential training company.

She is recognized as an inspirational leader and for her intuitive approach as a coach, facilitator, and trainer. She has 25+ years in leadership, personal development, employee engagement, culture transformation, and learning design methodology.

Gina is on a mission to help more people experience the empowering benefits of coaching so that they live with greater purpose, confidence, and fulfillment. She passionately coaches executives, both emerging and established leaders, and individuals leading in their lives. Through her understanding of how coaching impacts the brain, she helps people tap into their personal resourcefulness and capacity to create long-term change and results.

Certified in Conversational Intelligence, a methodology based in neuroscience, Gina works with organizations and teams to improve the quality of their conversations, to foster greater trust, connection, and success. She believes conversations, even the difficult ones, are most powerful when they are used to create equity, drive change, and ignite innovation.

Gina holds an ACC through the International Coaching Federation, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Michigan State University. Her professional coaching certification was earned through the Co-Active Training Institute. Gina would tell you that one of the most meaningful acknowledgements she has received is being called a “people-whisperer”. She resides in beautiful Knoxville, TN with her partner, John, and their dog, Ladybird.

Catherine Porth | Let Her Speak

Catherine is the Founder of Let Her Speak where she curates women-empowered events, conducts female-focused research, and develops leadership-growth education. She founded Let Her Speak originally with the purpose to share the stories of women who often get overlooked and forgotten. Her mission is to bring more visibility and support to all women in business. She believes that through community, research, and education – more women will rise to leadership positions.

Catherine will often say that she started Let Her Speak for 6 reasons. Every reason is tied to a life lesson that helped her realize her own personal mission of ensuring every woman feels seen, heard, and valued.

Having started her career in Corporate America and in a male-dominated industry – it took her nearly a decade to not only find a community of women who were supportive of each other but to also understand just how powerful having a village can be.

That village is what helped her build the confidence she needed to leave a job that brought her no joy, to start over again in a new career, to speak up and share her story, and to build a platform and movement she could share with any woman who has felt ignored, overlooked, and forgotten.

Catherine has over 15 years of experience in service, business development, training, and insights research. She has worked in a broad range of industries including financial services, workplace design, and technology startups. For every role Catherine has had, one thing that remains consistent is that she takes on an “owner’s heart” with every business she works for or with. She believes her wide range of experience and passion for the entrepreneurial community has made her uniquely effective in working with entrepreneurs who have to wear all the hats as they build their businesses.

Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business. Born and raised in Iowa, she has called Knoxville, TN home for the last 6.5 years with her husband, dog, and rabbit.

Meet Our 2023 Cohort Graduates

Aspiring Leader Cohort

Rachel Baker

Angelee Day

Abby Hassler

Coy Kindred

Rainey Rawles

Jaleria Rivera

Established Leader Cohort

Kirby Deal

Porschia Pickett

Amy Moden

Jaime Conry

Emma Moran

Rachel Dellinger Stallings