Let Her Speak events are truly transformative!

What makes our events and programs so special? First and foremost, it’s the community of women we have fostered and built. Women who truly believe in women supporting women and building each other up rather than tearing us down. Every event and program is curated based on feedback and insight from our community. Our team works tirelessly to create experiences and opportunities for connection and growth that are unlike any other we’ve ever seen. We hope we’ll see you soon at one of our events so you can experience Let Her Speak for yourself!


Let Her Speak events are an opportunity to connect, share, and support fellow women in a safe, judgement-free space. We ask all our community members to follow these simple guidelines to ensure everyone feels seen, heard, and valued:

1. Be Kind

2. Seek to Understand

3. Allow Everyone to Share

4. Tell Your Story

5. Lift Others Up


Check back soon for our 2023 calendar!


May 2020

June 2021


Women’s History Month Songwriter Night

A night of music, dancing, and covers of women artists that inspired the next generation of women singers and musicians.

Women’s Capital Series

A 3-part education series plus Happy Hour Networking event to help women entrepreneurs find funding and inspire more women to become investors.

Summer Songwriter Soirée

Let Her Speak & Free Women Waltzing Club partnered on a very special evening of song and story featuring three local women singer/songwriters.

Witchery History & Coven Crafts

Knox Crafts TN and Let Her Speak brought together local history, craft, and women’s heritage for a seasonal spectacle.

Returning Home Retreat

This retreat focused on engaging learning sessions, heart-centered discussions, and space for self-reflection for women entrepreneurs.

Let Her Speak en Español

Let Her Speak and Latinas Time partnered for a special event celebrating Latina stories and helping everyone awaken their inner superhero.