Let Her Lead

Let Her Speak was founded using a data-enabled approach to empowering women and helping them gain visibility in their communities. Over the years, our data and research have shown us that there is a clear gap in the leadership development opportunities currently available to women, both those who want to take on a leadership role in their communities and those that are currently leaders. The Let Her Lead program was developed to provide women with the necessary foundation and social capital they need to take on more leadership roles and make a greater impact in their communities.

Annual Women’s Summit

Let Her Speak’s Women’s Summit is a story-sharing gathering to celebrate and empower women to feel seen, heard, and valued. Throughout the Summit, we encourage women to be vulnerable, to be authentic, and to be supportive. #UseYourVoice #ShareYourStory

This half-day event has four featured storytellers in a roundtable setting that provides opportunities for all attendees to listen, learn, and grow together. The Summit is meant to facilitate deeper conversations, challenge women to speak up, and create meaningful connections to support every woman in her journey.

Community Events & Programs

Our team is constantly listening to the community of women we serve to determine what they need most. Over the years, we’ve offered a wide variety of events and programs to meet where they are and to help them get to where they want to be. Past events have included:

The Women’s Capital Series

Summer Songwriter Soiree

Witchery History & Coven Crafts

Let Her Speak en Español

… and many, many more! While the topics and purpose of each of our events can vary widely, there are several things that make a Let Her Speak event truly special – great food, good company, opportunities to connect, and new ways to grow.


Let Her Speak operates under three pillars: community, education, and research. Our workshops are our way of bringing those three pillars together to provide women a safe place to connect and learn that is rooted in sound research and data. Every workshop we develop was first and foremost inspired and informed by our community.

When our team starts seeing a common theme brought up through our events and conversations with women – we begin researching that topic and developing educational materials based on academic journals and experts in the field. We then test our workshops with different audiences and ask for feedback before offering it to the general community.

We sporadically host our workshops through different Let Her Speak sponsored events, but we are also happy to bring our workshops to you. If your company or organization would like to host a Let Her Speak workshop, please click below to see our current offerings.