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Meet Sarah Prater who feels found while riding her bike.

Rest looks different for everyone and we know for some, it means movement — which sounds counterintuitive. But what if an active version of rest could be embraced for what it can do for our mind AND our body?

In Sarah Prater’s portrait and accompanying interview, she shares that:

“I feel found while riding my bike.”

Sarah talks about growing up as a very sick child who wasn’t allowed to be super active, so rest was a difficult topic for her. Her restful activity of being on a bike was accidentally discovered in high school and eventually became her favorite activity for turning off the noise of the world.

Being a mother and owner of Tennessee Reproductive Acupuncture, Sarah finds solitude in nature when her hands find the handlebars of her bike — but rest is something that she has to schedule for herself, or she begins to feel the effects of needing it.


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