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Meet Elena Petzold who feels found through quiet prayer.

Prayer is something that is used by many people throughout the world, regardless of religion or spiritual affiliation. Sometimes we use it as an intentional form of thankfulness or gratitude, but if you’re like Elena Petzold, it can also be a form of rest, reflection, and meditation.

Elena didn’t discover the feeling of being found through her restful activity of prayer until 2020.

Things didn’t start out easy and she recalls that her first prayer wasn’t pretty, but her practice has evolved over time. She had an incredible experience one day after dedicating an hour to strictly resting in prayer, and it’s something she reflects back to now after realizing how amazing she felt afterwards.

In her interview, Elena reflects back on how she feels after she prays, saying “Now I feel peace, I feel a lot calmer, I feel like a better version of myself, I feel like I have more to give other people, and I feel like I have more to give to the world.”

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