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In our last episode, we interviewed a woman whose life story and philosophy on living is something all of us need to hear. Berta Medina is an accountability coach for those who dream big and a powerful person to have in your corner. But where has life taken her since 2020?

The answer is a journey of transformation. Two days before the world shut down in 2020, Berta asked her husband for a divorce. However, because of their love and mutual respect for each other, they chose to put that aside during the pandemic to focus on the safety of their family.

It was also during this time that Berta took the opportunity to look inward at herself and her business. She began looking at the ways she could help even more to ensure her clients not only survived that period of so many unknowns but actually leveled up in their businesses. The question of “What comes next?” was also something she dived into very intentionally to ensure whatever may happen in the world – she was doing the work that fulfilled her.

Listen to her story of navigating the chaos, taking risks, and embracing her legacy. It is an inspiring story of no regrets, lots of travel, and abundant happiness.

If you connect with Berta’s work and want to hear from more big dreamers – check out her podcast “The Dreamers Succeed Podcast” on your favorite podcast platform.

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