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Dreaming Big with Berta Medina | Then Episode

In September 2020, Catherine Porth sat down (virtually) with past Women's Summit Storyteller and dear friend, Berta Medina - Founder of Dreamers Succeed and the coach we all need in our lives. Any time spent with Berta is sure to be filled with laughter, motivation, support, and hugs. You also need to be careful about telling your dreams and passions to Berta because she will hold you accountable to go after them.

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Impacting with Intention with Shannon Hamaker | Now Episode

In our last episode, we interviewed a woman who isn't afraid to talk about the "embarrassing" stuff, Shannon Hamaker, who is a Sexual Health Educator and Relationship Coach. But where has life taken her since 2020? The answer is on a journey of intention and self-discovery.

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Owning Our Sexuality with Shannon Hamaker | Then Episode

In September 2020, Catherine Porth sat down (virtually) with Sexual Health Educator (& sexual awakening advocate), Shannon Hamaker, to have a conversation about women's sexual health. A topic that many of us need to be talking about more but might be too ashamed to bring up. In their conversation, they cover all the things many of us often wonder about in our own sexuality and desires but may not feel comfortable enough to talk about out loud.

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Chasing Your Dreams with Drocella MugoreWera | Now Episode

In our last episode, we interviewed the remarkable Drocella MugoreWera who at the time was the Executive Director of Bridge Refugee Services. But where has life taken her since 2021? The answer is one that may motivate many of you to chase your own dreams and answer a call to do something bigger.

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Storytelling, Resilience, & Shining a Light with Drocella MugoreWera | Then Episode

In February 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with (at the time) non-profit Executive Director, Storyteller, and Coach, Drocella MugoreWera. The two had been introduced almost a year prior as a mutual friend when Catherine was searching for a storyteller to talk about breaking down barriers for a virtual Let Her Speak event in the midst of the pandemic. During their conversation, they covered topics from Drocella's journey since arriving in the United States as a refugee, to how we can help more refugees, like herself, and the many legacies she wants to leave behind.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Tiffany Gardner | Expert Episode

On this special (Not-so-mini) Expert  Episode, Catherine sits down with local financial sector leader (and our podcast sponsor), Tiffany Gardner, to talk about the different ways the imposter mindset has come up in her life and how she has worked to overcome them. Tiffany is the Senior VP Manager of Corporate and Commercial Banking at First Horizon Bank with a career in the financial sector that spans multiple decades of working with business owners to grow their operations.

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Empowering Women & Sharing Our Stories with Steph Blue | Then Episode

In July 2020, Catherine Porth met Steph Blue for the first time to record an interview for the She Speaks Project. Out of this conversation - both women recognized they were kindred spirits in more ways than one. At the time, Steph was embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey of empowering women and helping small businesses tell their stories - two things that both women are extremely passionate about.

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Seeing Your Own Beauty with Saray Taylor-Roman | Then Episode

In April 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with Saray Taylor-Roman - a phenomenal portrait photographer and the owner of Taylor-Roman Portraits. While from the gorgeous photos Saray takes you'd think she always knew she was going to become a photographer - she actually started out as a Spanish teacher who hated having her own photo taken.

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