Manifesting with Meg & Catherine Porth | Ep. 56 Rediscover a Sense of Awe and Wonder!

Catherine wears many hats in her day-to-day life – but she is driven by one purpose. That is to improve and grow opportunities for marginalized groups of women one-aspiring-leader-at-a-time. She is the Founder of Let Her Speak where she curates women-empowered events, conducts female-focused research, and develops communication-centric education. Her mission is to bring more visibility and support to all women in business. She believes that through community, research, and education – more women will rise to leadership positions.

She has over 10 years of experience in service, business development, training, and research. She has worked in a broad range of industries including financial services, workplace design, and technology start-ups. She now uses that experience to mentor and consults business owners and corporate teams. She founded Let Her Speak originally with one purpose – to share the stories of women who often get overlooked and forgotten.

She would LOVE to hear your story – let’s start with my first question – what is the legacy you want to leave?

After this be sure to contact her.

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