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In our last episode, we interviewed a woman who isn’t afraid to talk about the “embarrassing” stuff, Shannon Hamaker, who is a Sexual Health Educator and Relationship Coach. But where has life taken her since 2020?

The answer is on a journey of intention and self-discovery. During the pandemic, Shannon found herself at a crossroads both in her business and her personal life. This crossroad led to many internal questions like “Is what I’m doing impactful?” and “Where is my time best spent?” – each question taking stock of the intentionality behind her actions and choices.

At the time of this interview recording, the United States was also facing its own crossroads – a period during Roe v. Wade and the period that followed its ultimate overturn by the Supreme Court. Our interview happened to hit at a very timely and uncertain period for women across the nation – a period that we are all continuing to grapple with in our daily lives.

Listen to her story of modeling her work with intention, placing a priority on her close relationships, and realizing the impact she can have to empower others to have a voice about their sexuality. It is an encouraging story of growth, expansion, and impact.

If you have been searching for a safe space to talk about and learn about your own sexual health – check out her podcast “Sexually Speaking with Shannon Hamaker” on your favorite podcast platform.

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