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Seeing Your Own Beauty with Saray Taylor-Roman | Then Episode

In April 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with Saray Taylor-Roman - a phenomenal portrait photographer and the owner of Taylor-Roman Portraits. While from the gorgeous photos Saray takes you'd think she always knew she was going to become a photographer - she actually started out as a Spanish teacher who hated having her own photo taken.

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Embracing A New Path with Booth Andrews | Expert Episode

On this special Expert (and not-so-mini) Episode, Catherine asked her dear friend and person-who-makes-you-feel-all-the-feels, Booth Andrews, to talk about embracing and navigating the changes life throws at us. Booth is the Founder of The Booth Andrews Company, Of Counsel at Morehous Legal Group, an expert in burnout & mental health, and giver of legendary hugs.

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Knowing My Worth with Jasmine Newton | Then Episode

In April 2021, Catherine Porth sat down with Jasmine Newton - a dear friend and the amazingly talented photographer behind Javon Renee Portraits. In the midst of a pandemic, Jasmine found herself with a business that was BOOMING. Everyone seemed to be ready to invest in new portraits and headshots for themselves.

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Pursuing Your Passion & Doing What You Love with Rachel Fletcher | Then Episode

In August 2020, Catherine Porth sat down with Rachel Fletcher - an incredibly talented upholsterer who owns a very successful business in Knoxville, TN. At the time of this interview, Catherine and Rachel didn't really know each other. In fact, this recording is the first time they ever met.

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Riding the Rollercoaster of Life with Erika Biddix | Now Episode

In our last episode, we had the opportunity to learn about Erika Biddix, Founder of Aught, and her then vision for Girl Boss Offices as she was navigating the unknown world in the early months of the pandemic. But what has happened in Erika's life since that interview?

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Welcome | Commemorating the Journey with Catherine Porth

In our first episode, host and founder of Let Her Speak, Catherine Porth, discusses the history of the She Speaks project which ultimately led to this podcast. The first season of this podcast centers around commemorating the journey we have all been on the last 2+ years and celebrating how far we've come over by looking back at where we've been.

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