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You are what you speak

Written By: Steph Blue

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Steph Blue | She Speaks Podcast | June 2022

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Did you know that the saying “you are what you eat” is as accurate as “you are what you speak”?

What if I told you that what you choose to speak is what belongs to you? And the things you want are already yours, but you must believe to manifest it. Wouldn’t that change the way you speak and where you put your beliefs?

Believe it or not, it took me years to have self-belief, and by years, I mean two years ago, LOL. When my daughter was born, my relationship with myself changed, automatically shifting all my relationships, including my relationship with money.

Money can be one of the ickiest subjects, well, at least for me, it was (and still can be). I expected others to see my calling and creativity and value it at what they thought it was worth. Let me repeat that (just so you can catch how wild this is), I, as the individual and owner, expected the receiver to tell me the value of my h’art work.

My issue was that I expected others to value my gift and felt-and sometimes feel, awkward, to put a price on what I value as my art. With over seven years of experience, a degree and working at the most prominent marketing agency in London, it took me to have a baby and see her value to want to start something birthed in me years ago – shout out to the daughters that make us brave.

The birth of my daughter pushed me to want wealth; what was weird about that was that I always heard my husband and his friends talk about building businesses and brands to create generational wealth, and it never felt or seemed awkward. Actually, it was the opposite; it was natural and almost instinctual for them to want to build wealth and discuss ways to do that together for their sake and their families.

I always questioned whether that was a “man-thing” or something was wrong with me. I never felt comfortable talking or even claiming to want money because something about saying that, even to friends, felt icky. But having my daughter birthed a new side of me. A side that made me unashamed of trying to build wealth and move from side hustling to putting all my eggs in one basket and working logistically to see and speak wealth into my reality, to give her the courage to do the same for herself one day.

But I struggled! I struggled to truly place a value on my work or see the value in what I could bring to the table that was different from the next person. I was speaking it, but honestly, I didn’t believe it, and that is why I am so grateful for my husband, my advocate.

My husband believed it, and he never forgot to speak life into me, he never failed to remind me that for someone who believes in the power of wellness and words, I don’t talk to myself in the voice I speak to others – and that was apart of the problem. He challenged me not just to start my business for Alina but speak to my business in the same way I talk to and about her.

“You deserve to be paid, not because you are greedy but because you want to serve, grow, and make a living by helping others do the same.”

So I leapt; I started a Social Media Management & Coaching Business with Wellness at the forefront of it. Yet even after taking that leap and becoming a business owner, there were moments I struggled and still struggle to price my expertise, and that is when I find myself speaking and affirming:

“Your creativity is your artwork that comes from your heart. Your h’art work deserves to be fed and kept alive. You deserve to be paid, not because you are greedy but because you want to serve, grow, and make a living by helping others do the same. Your h’art work deserves to be fed and kept alive. You deserve to be paid.”

Today, at this moment, I want to be what my husband was to me, to you, your advocate. Your alliance with money may not be your awkwardness with pricing your h’art work, but you may struggle with speaking or thinking about wanting to be wealthy or feeling judged for not knowing where or how to be in charge of your finances.

Well, I’m here for you, friend, and so are affirmations. In the next sixty seconds, I will introduce you to four power-house tools that will help you to grow confidence in claiming what is already yours and giving you the words to claim it out loud! As your advocate, I challenge you to speak to your business, career, and finances in the same way you talk about and to the people you hold dearest to your heart.

Remember: To affirm is to assert something that already exists or is true. You must believe that what you are speaking already exists and is true.

“I break all generational curses, known and unknown, that have made me feel incompetent or uncomfortable with asking, talking, and claiming any money that belongs to me.”

Here is how we begin; rearrange your idea of money or being paid, to receiving what is already yours. This will help reshape your relationship with money to know that what you are calling on is not something that doesn’t already belong to you! Practice the below affirmation every morning before you begin your h’art work or any form of practice that you want to be paid for;

“I break all generational curses, known and unknown, that have made me feel incompetent or uncomfortable with asking, talking, or claiming any money that belongs to me.” 
Recite and Believe – 5 times.

“My relationship with my finances has shifted, and I am claiming uncommon wisdom with how to multiply what my hands create and my mouth calls on.”
Recite and Believe – 5 times.

“I will live to see the fruit of my creativity birth generational wealth; my creativity is birthing generational wealth.”
Recite and Believe – 5 times.

Lastly, the big one- this one gets me uncomfortable every time, but, let’s do it anyway and make ourselves and the atmosphere conducive to what we speak;

“I am a woman that works hard; because of that, I deserve and have all the wealth I desire. I can and will achieve everything and anything I put my mind to. I believe, and I receive, and because of that, it is so.”
Recite and believe – 5 times.

I challenge you to speak what is already yours, remove all negative thoughts about your business and what you deserve for at least 30 days, and watch how your belief gradually unfolds and manifests what you receive.

About the author » Steph Blue

Steph Blue, a London native, brings her rich cultural heritage and wellness beliefs to Knoxville after marrying her husband, Chris Blue. With a strong influence from her island-born parents, Steph embodies a holistic approach to caring for the mind, body, and spirit. Her business, focused on Social Media Consulting, reflects these values. Offering a range of services like Social Media Audits, Micro-Influencer coaching, and Social Media Management, Steph pours her beliefs into helping others succeed. As a full-time Mommy Lifestyle & Travel Blogger, she collaborates with 20 global brands, inspiring approximately 2,000 subscribers with her message of wellness, travel, and the power of consistently putting your wellness first.

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