The Alaina René Williams Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I am a full time photographer in Knoxville, TN specializing in wedding and portrait/fashion. I knew my passion for photography at 11 years old and it grew even greater over the years. I began my business at only 18 years old and went full time at 21.

I believe in telling people’s stories, every story deserves to be told authentically and joyfully captured with a fresh and true touch of color.

This submission is about a production I hosted for women of color! It was to inspire them and others about how confident, radiant and strong we (as women) can be!

This production was to support, honor and recognize these women who have built a life of strength, confidence and success.

My goal is for other people to be moved by this as well and spread the light!

Let’s get the word out to support and honor the beautiful stories that have been told!

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