The Angela Howard Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

These are two “Vision Boards” I created while filming the Freedom Model during the shut down last year.

I was working on 2 dream projects: WildHeartExpressive.com and its FreedomModel and a screen play about a badass female spy.

During this past year with everything else, I felt paralyzed from moving forward-with my dreams.

I had to sit with discomfort and allow everything to move at ITs own pace.

After completing these dream boards, I took my own advice and moved ahead on a whim without attachment and my dream came true.

I feel aligned now more than ever and that I am doing what I am meant to be doing.

I believe in the power of Vision Boards and I am eternally grateful.

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My name is Emerald Green and I am a photographer in Atlanta, GA. My submissions include images of women throughout the 2020 protests that were held throughout GA as well as Louisville, KY. I thought about what was asked of me, about me telling about myself and my work. While I was at different protests, I saw that there were only white men who were capturing moments.

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