The Angela Howard Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

These are two “Vision Boards” I created while filming the Freedom Model during the shut down last year.

I was working on 2 dream projects: WildHeartExpressive.com and its FreedomModel and a screen play about a badass female spy.

During this past year with everything else, I felt paralyzed from moving forward-with my dreams.

I had to sit with discomfort and allow everything to move at ITs own pace.

After completing these dream boards, I took my own advice and moved ahead on a whim without attachment and my dream came true.

I feel aligned now more than ever and that I am doing what I am meant to be doing.

I believe in the power of Vision Boards and I am eternally grateful.

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The Meg Nocero Exhibit

When in April of 2011 I lost my mother to breast cancer, I also lost my way. Perseverance and a never give up attitude is certainly something I learned from my Italian American upbringing as well as a love of writing, reading books and the arts. Navigating the grieving process, I turned to writing as a healing tool. I started simply. I would wake in the morning and read from a book that resonated with me.

The Dorothy Verbick Exhibit

I am a middle school art teacher and a meditation/mindfulness practitioner. Before college, I had only taken an art class in elementary school. I doodled the comics (mostly Garfield), did NOT draw all the time, and did not have an encouraging family to support my art curiosity. Somehow, I still went for it.... art school made sure to let me know how far behind in knowledge I was...especially during critique.

The Yasmin Murphy Exhibit

Hello!! My name is Yasmin Murphy and I am a photographer residing in Knoxville, Tennessee. Photography for me is the thing that allows me to be who I truly am: connecting with others, building relationships, and being creative. I love the opportunities that have allowed me to tell others stories and make their vision come to life. When I am not photographing I am bouncing around to estate sales, cooking a meal at home, or exploring Knoxville.

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