The Chloe Allison Melton Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I am inspired by nature and energy.

I want to know why things happen.

I am very curious. In a way, my art documents that.

I also consider art my platform to communicate about important issues.

I love that I can use art to inspire others. It allows me to show viewers a perspective they may not have otherwise considered.

In a world where everyone is seeking change, I believe the pivotal role of the artist is to be a messenger of the many perspectives people have.

I also love to include empowerment as one of my themes.

The pieces submitted include:

  1. A clothing collection I did based on women’s empowerment
  2. A painting I call “Persistence” (based on the persistence of a strong woman)
  3. “Mother Nature” (acrylic on canvas inspired by an essay I wrote called: My Mother, Nature)

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Instagram: @CloverFineArts

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