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My paintings question the way we look at feminine bodies especially in comparison to how masculine bodies are viewed. In art history, the objectification and presentation of female bodies and an accepted way to present and view them has long been prevalent, specifically as non-threatening objects of sexual desire.

My work questions these long accepted practices and empowers my subjects to visually challenge the viewer. I use pastel colors which are generally seen as feminine, soft, and sweet, in an aggressive manner. This use of color questions the socially ingrained views of what is perceived as “feminine” and what that word means.

I select the individuals I paint from friends and family. Their personality gives voice to the work, giving them space to make powerful statements through their presence.

This piece came from a photo of my mother when she was the age I am now, holding me as a baby. The look on her face reflected the same look on my face in photos of me holding my own daughters, and this generational tie between women felt worth exploring.

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I am a middle school art teacher and a meditation/mindfulness practitioner. Before college, I had only taken an art class in elementary school. I doodled the comics (mostly Garfield), did NOT draw all the time, and did not have an encouraging family to support my art curiosity. Somehow, I still went for it.... art school made sure to let me know how far behind in knowledge I was...especially during critique.

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