The Elizabeth Molter Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I create signs for all my friends and family and sometimes even for myself! I created this sign because my mom used to sing this song to me ever since I was a little girl!

The unique thing about this sign is the “I love you -mom” was taken from a birthday card I got from my mom and I used her exact handwriting from that card and blew it up to put on this sign. Now it is the most special and valuable thing I have hanging in my home today.

My mom has always been my inspiration my entire life. She has always been there with me through tough times and even when I had health problems she never left my side for a single minute, not to even get a bite to eat.

When I found myself doodling one day writing calligraphy she, along with others, inspired me to start this business and make some money from my passion and talent.

Now, years later I’m so grateful for all the women that inspired me to start this little business and keep my creativity alive, especially my mom (AKA my best friend)!

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Instagram: @Signs.SuchbyLiz | Facebook: Signs and Such by Liz

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