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About Her Exhibit…

My name is Emerald Green and I am a photographer in Atlanta, GA.

My submissions include images of women throughout the 2020 protests that were held throughout GA as well as Louisville, KY.

I thought about what was asked of me, about me telling about myself and my work.

While I was at different protests, I saw that there were only white men who were capturing moments.

I asked a few of the activists at the time if they knew where the photos were going, and none really knew.

Although I’m sure that they had good intentions, I did not like the fact that no one could say where their photos were going.

They had nothing.

That was when I decided to use my talents to be sure to capture OUR narrative, OUR way.

I can no longer allow our stories to be told by anyone else other than ourselves.

My submissions reflect the many women who are constantly on the front lines, constantly putting themselves in danger for a little “good trouble”.

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