The Liberty Collins Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I’m an East TN native who grew up playing outside crushing poke berries, painting on tin with rocks, and digging in the red clay of my backyard.

Now I’m a potter!

I started my body vessel project in September of 2020 after a diagnosis of a chronic illness.

Since then, it’s blossomed into a wonderful exploration of loving my body, its limits, and overcoming shame around my illness and imperfections.

It’s also been hugely influential in beginning more conversations with women around me as they find their own struggles represented and the strength to discuss them.

I am humbled by the journey of these body vessels and the connections I’ve made by sharing them.

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Instagram: @madefrommudstudio  | Etsy Shop: Made From Mud Studio

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The MeToo Art Project launched October 2017 and is designed to (1) give survivors of sexual violence another vehicle by which to speak their truth about their experience, (2) be a means by which to hold perpetrators accountable, (3) raise awareness of the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault, and (4) be a means by which solidarity is shown- without regard to gender- with and to those who have experienced this type of life-altering attack.

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