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Meet Femeika Elliott who feels found through soul-nourishing food and tea time.

Do you remember how it felt the first time you said “no” and had a sense of calm and relief come over you?⁠

Often when we say “no”, it’s because we are too overwhelmed, too overstimulated, and in need of rest. And sometimes, saying “no” is what we need to do to make time for rest.⁠

Rest is what The Found Project is all about — what it looks like to each of the women who are a part of the project, what it feels like when they haven’t made time for it, and how rest makes them feel. ⁠

When we asked Femeika Elliott where she feels most found, she said:⁠

“I feel found through soul-nourishing food and tea time.”⁠

In her interview, Femeika shares that the ritual behind making tea and preparing a meal gives her comfort and allows her mind to tune out the noise and chaos of the world.

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