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Meet Jasmine Ball who feels found in restorative time with herself.

In a world that celebrates hustle culture, it can be hard to step back from the grind and recalibrate ourselves. But when burnout catches up with us, our minds and bodies have a way of telling us things need to change.

Meet Jasmine Ball. Jasmine feels found in restorative time with herself — and it’s something she works into her everyday routine.

As a child, Jasmine enjoyed quiet time and reading books to immerse herself in stories. As an adult, Jasmine continues to enjoy those “quiet time” moments, but with a grown-up twist. A warm bath, burning candles, journaling, meditating — and you’ll still find a book thrown in there.

She notes “I don’t necessarily have markers that tell me when it’s time to rest, however, I have learned over time to automatically have a morning routine and a night routine to reset and recenter myself.”

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