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Meet Michelle Guanaga who feels found in the outdoors.

We are all aware of the healing power of nature. Being outdoors is a great way to step away from the constant stream of news, screen time, and to-do lists that only perpetuate the feeling of being disconnected from our true selves — after all, we are inherently a part of nature.

Growing up in Florida, Michelle Guanaga spent time outdoors paddling, sitting around the fire, and riding her bike. Even now, as an adult, she feels most found in the outdoors.

In her interview, Michelle shares that she keeps Mondays and Tuesdays scheduled for restful time outdoors, even though that means her business, Outdoor Gear Revival,  is closed, explaining:

“As a small business owner, I knew it was important not to get burnt out. I give myself that time to enjoy my restful activity, and I feel really good when I go to work on Wednesday. If we don’t rest, life will just pass us by.”

From sitting around a campfire with family and friends, to using her outdoor kitchen, Michelle savors these moments to connect with friends and family in nature.

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