The Jennifer MacIsaac Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I have always wanted to learn how to make jewelry, metalsmithing to be exact. During quarantine I began to explore YouTube videos on the subject. I have been having a blast learning, and there is still so much I want to discover about this medium!

I have been incorporating healing stones in much of my work because I am a big believer in self care and self compassion. I feel like wearing stones that remind you of your personal intentions helps to keep them always in your thoughts, and where you place your thoughts is what you call into your life.

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The Jalynn Baker Exhibit

Breaking Beautiful was my first organized effort to advocate for myself and other women. Throughout girlhood, I had received the message that beauty should look a certain way from the media and society. My hair, my body, my skin were all an affront to this standardized definition. As I looked around my college campus, I saw a world of beauty to be celebrated. My intention with this portrait series was to reclaim our power as women to define beauty for ourselves and to give voice to the uniqueness of each individual.

The Emerald Green Exhibit

My name is Emerald Green and I am a photographer in Atlanta, GA. My submissions include images of women throughout the 2020 protests that were held throughout GA as well as Louisville, KY. I thought about what was asked of me, about me telling about myself and my work. While I was at different protests, I saw that there were only white men who were capturing moments.

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