The Kendra Barth Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

My name is Kendra Barth (aka Blanket Fort Studio) and I am a multi-disciplinary artist in Knoxville TN. I make ceramics, illustrations, prints, paintings, jewelry..etc.

My playful quirky style is visible in all of the things I make and I am often inspired by the wonder of nature.

This Illustration, titled “Fierce” is my representation of the tenacity of the female spirit. In nature spotted Hyenas organize under a matriarch and work together, using teamwork and intelligence to hunt and outwit rivals.

They are strong, female opportunists and damn scary. This hyena is dancing toward an opportunity, secure and brave, not only surviving but thriving.

The colors are muted, imitating the colors in nature and softening the tone of the piece. She is playful, surreal – constructing herself in the moment.

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Instagram: @blanketfortstudio

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This piece is titled “Fear of Him”. It is about a time in my life when I kept quite about a series of situations in fear of what would happen if I spoke up. It is too common women are belittled by boys because boys think they can do anything they want. I think it is important to note that women are so much stronger than what society views us as.

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