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I’m Shay Coope, shop owner of P.S. With Lovee. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to an amazing husband, and lover of all things colorful! To me, being a woman means being a complete badass!

We are strong, nurturing, amazing multitaskers, and true advocates of what we believe in. I am submitting some of my favorite colorful designs and reminder message of “Mental Health Matters” in celebration of the female spirit!

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Instagram: @P.S.With.Lovee | Etsy Story: pswithlovee.etsy.com

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Entrepreneurship is no joke. It's HARD work. Long hours, endless networking, small business admin, the list goes on and on. And, sometimes, being a woman in entrepreneurship is that much harder. But what nourishes and sustains me is the community I've built through it. I love that I can collaborate with other women entrepreneurs, supporting each other's dreams and work in community with each other rather than in competition with each other.

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