The Rebekah Riggs Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

Hi! My name is Rebekah.

I’m an art educator who is inspired by color and everything fun.

I’ve always been fascinated with stars, bright colors, and art that may be considered childlike to some.

But nothing makes me happier than women having fun without worrying what others think, so it empowers me to make art that radiates happiness and fun.

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Instagram: @rebekahriggs_   |  Etsy Shop: etsy.com/shop/rebekahriggsart/

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My paintings question the way we look at feminine bodies especially in comparison to how masculine bodies are viewed. In art history, the objectification and presentation of female bodies and an accepted way to present and view them has long been prevalent, specifically as non-threatening objects of sexual desire. My work questions these long accepted practices and empowers my subjects to visually challenge the viewer.

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