The Susan Verekar Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I love everything to do with color.

My art often embraces raw emotion, transformation, coming into one’s power, and a balance between light and dark.

I paint with acrylics and oils and play with alcohol inks.

I started painting a year ago as I was struggling to find my identity after becoming a mom.

It started as a creative outlet but become a way to find myself again.

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Instagram: @SusanVerekar   |  Website: www.susanverekar.com

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The Emerald Green Exhibit

My name is Emerald Green and I am a photographer in Atlanta, GA. My submissions include images of women throughout the 2020 protests that were held throughout GA as well as Louisville, KY. I thought about what was asked of me, about me telling about myself and my work. While I was at different protests, I saw that there were only white men who were capturing moments.

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