The Shannon Deana Johnson Exhibit

About Her Exhibit…

I am a Knoxville, TN-based mixed media painter.

My process is intuitive.

I work to create a balance between harmony and contrast, simplicity and accumulation, and stillness and motion.

As the painting progresses, I often add more concrete elements such as botanical or figurative shapes.

In this latest series called, “Story of a Girl,” I have been exploring the use of imagery connected to the idea of femininity and aspects of it that are meaningful to me.

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Instagram: @ShannonDeanaJohnson   |  Website: http://shannondeanajohnson.com

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Hello!! My name is Yasmin Murphy and I am a photographer residing in Knoxville, Tennessee. Photography for me is the thing that allows me to be who I truly am: connecting with others, building relationships, and being creative. I love the opportunities that have allowed me to tell others stories and make their vision come to life. When I am not photographing I am bouncing around to estate sales, cooking a meal at home, or exploring Knoxville.

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