The Story of the Summit

By Attendees of the 2023 Women’s Summit

This article is related to the annual Let Her Speak Women’s Summit held on March 30th, 2023.

A few months ago, a group of women came together to discuss plans for the 2023 Let Her Speak Women’s Summit. Lots of new ideas were shared both from women who have attended the event in the past and those who were new to the Let Her Speak community. One idea that was shared was from our friend, Erika Biddix of Aught. She mentioned an activity she participated in at a conference earlier in the year that involved a collective story written by the attendees of the event.

The facilitator of the activity started with a sheet of paper and a single prompt. From there, each attendee was invited to contribute a sentence that followed the preceding contributor’s sentence. At the end of the event, the facilitator then read the entire story back to the audience as a narrative of the collective experiences of each person who contributed their voice.

Since we’re never afraid of testing out new ideas, we decided to include this activity in this year’s Women’s Summit and we were BLOWN AWAY by the inspiration, encouragement, and insights provided by the women who participated. The thoughts written on the pages of the notebook that was passed around truly became The Story of the Summit. As the day progressed, you can see what topics were being discussed at different points throughout the day.

We wanted to share this story with our entire community and hope you find the words of encouragement you’re needing at this exact moment…

Warning: Some submissions contain strong language.

The Story of the Summit

  1. Every woman deserves to be seen, heard, and valued.
  2. I am full of value, I bring forth value, and encourage value to be found in others.
  3. Sometimes we must release the precious thing we are holding because if we don’t, it will die (and we might die too).
  4. Sometimes we get uncomfortable in silence.
  5. We all came here today because we are looking for something – for community, to be seen and heard, to share our story. this is a safe space to let down our guard and be our most authentic selves.
  6. Badassery is allowed. Period.
  7. Heck YES it is!
  8. I am so ready; my soul is on fire!
  9. Fear needs to get out of the way: we have s*** to accomplish.
  10. Move or be moved. 
  11. Aspiring to that ‘good’ rest may feel insurmountable. Any rest at all may feel insurmountable. But what if we you just achieved 6% rest? 10%? What’s the MINIMUM rest you can handle – and celebrate?
  12. We deserve rest. We deserve to spend time in the energy and nurturing of other women. We deserve to be lifted up, and we deserve to lift one another – because without each other’s strength, we wilt and die. 
  13. We are worthy and have purpose. Believe in yourself and others will be impacted.
  14. Embrace the changes. Embrace the inner badass!
  15. As women, our worth can be measured by our productivity and it’s up to us to reevaluate our worth and disconnect it from productivity. 
  16. “It’s a question of when or where, not of ‘will I ever?’”
  17. There is only one you from the beginning of time to the end. That is powerful. 
  18. Let’s say our mother f****** names and live in our authentic power. 
  19. Issues in your tissues are messing with your messages. 
  20. I am mother f****** Amanda Fox. 
  21. No more negative self-talk – I can’t imagine saying that to my 5-year-old self.
  22. Every woman – is every woman.
  23. Your words and energy are powerful. 
  24. Every woman has a seat at the table. Claim yours, be seen, heard, and valued. 
  25. Be strong no matter what! 
  26. Stay positive with change. 
  27. Be kind to yourself. 
  28. Feed yourself good snacks… like, really good – buy the nicest goat cheese and the most beautiful scone and fresh ass produce. 
  29. We are strong but also vulnerable. We deserve to be our true selves.
  30. I will look fear in the face and say “move or be moved”.
  31. I will walk through the door and own my seat at the table.
  32. I am my village too and I must be intentional about my village.
  33. I remind myself that someone else’s journey could be dependent of me walking into my purpose.
  34. Reminding myself that unplugging is necessary to be present and being present is necessary to experience joy. 
  35. Give yourself grace. Even experts have to learn.
  36. Create a compassionate relationship with yourself.
  37. Trust your intuition. Seek out joy! Begin to trust your intuition again. 
  38. I am a soul. I am an energy. I am a being. 
  39. I am here to learn and that is by design. 
  40. The realization of the years I’ve ignored myself and self-care were for others which in turn feeds me. However, finding time for self-care allows me to enrich others even more. 
  41. Being enough isn’t too little. Put your problems down and the solution will come. 
  42. I have the power to design my own life. 
  43. I am the only me and that is my superpower. 
  44. I will trust the nudge and follow my gut. 
  45. My single voice does matter and can make an impact, perhaps opening the door for others. 
  46. Be jealous of your time! 
  47. Share and cherish the light you hold within.
  48. She believed she could, so she did. Be you!
  49. Everyone has something important to share!
  50. Embrace change, fear, and your inner darkness. It is a beautiful part of you! 
  51. Allow people and situations that guide you to bigger and better (even beyond your biggest imagination) to come forward. Receive their magic – you totally deserve the best!
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The Let Her Speak Women’s Summit is a gathering to encourage women to share their life experiences. Every woman is invited to come to the table and make her voice heard. This half-day event includes a roundtable setting with opportunities to listen, learn, and grow from other women and to share your experiences, goals, and vision for your legacy and the future of our communities.

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